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for a group of islands in the Caribbean, the former Netherlands Antilles which include Aruba national level: over twenty languages are spoken in Suriname.

Dutch language, a West Germanic language that is the national language of the Netherlands and, with French and German, one of the three official languages of Belgium. Although speakers of English usually call the language of the Netherlands ‘Dutch’ and that of … A Language Thrives in Its Caribbean Home - The New York Times Jul 05, 2010 · Papiamentu, a Creole language influenced over the centuries by African slaves, Sephardic merchants and Dutch colonists, is now spoken by only about 250,000 people on the islands of Curaçao Virgin Islands Creole - Wikipedia Virgin Islands Creole, or Virgin Islands Creole English, is an English-based creole consisting of several varieties spoken in the Virgin Islands and the nearby SSS islands of Saba, Saint Martin and Sint Eustatius, where it is known as Saban English, Saint Martin English, and Statian English, respectively. What languages are spoken in the Greater Antilles - Answers Is it much easier for children to learn a second language than it is for adults? What languages are spoken in the Greater Antilles? Answer. Wiki User March 02, 2018 3:10AM Asked in Netherlands

There are three official languages in Curaçao: Papiamentu, a local language that is a mix of Spanish is also widely spoken on the island. the Central Bank of the Netherlands Antilles, hereafter: Central Bank) was established in 1828.

15 Dec 2015 The official languages that are spoken on the islands are Dutch, English and Papiamentu. On Bonaire and Curaçao, the main language that  A Not So Perfect Union With The Netherlands Antilles And Aruba Dutch language, but to make a political statement about the language spoken on Curaçao. To confuse matters a little further, the language of the Dutch West Indies with the larger islands to the South of Aruba and Curacao is Papiamento. As St. Maarten  Languages: Dutch is our official language. Papiamento is our native also our official language, English, Spanish are widely spoken. ​Currency: Antillean guilder  17 Jan 2019 The main languages spoken in the Leeward Islands of Aruba, Bonaire and University of the Netherlands Antilles is offering courses on 

Sep 30, 2008 · In the mainland country of The Netherlands, two languages are spoken, Dutch and Frysian. Frysian (Fries) is only spoken in the Friesland province though, it isn't spoken in any other parts of the country. I think Dutch is the only official language for the entire country, but Frysian may be an official language in the Friesland province.

As Bonaire is part of the Netherlands, Dutch is the official language, and the sole language for all administration and legal matters. However, according to the 2001 census, it is the main language of only 8.8% of the population. What Languages Are Spoken In Sint Maarten? - WorldAtlas.com Sep 29, 2017 · In Sint Maarten, two-thirds of the populations speaks English, one-tenth speak Spanish, and another one-tenth speaks a Creole language. French, Dutch, and Papiamento languages are each spoken by approximately 5% of the population. Why Are so Many Languages Spoken in Sint Maarten? Caribbean Netherlands - Languages | Ethnologue Are you an expert on the languages of Caribbean Netherlands? If so, we invite you to join our Contributor Program. You’ll receive credits toward complimentary access to Ethnologue for every contribution that is vetted and accepted by our editors. What Languages Are Spoken in Curaçao? - WorldAtlas.com

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Is it much easier for children to learn a second language than it is for adults? What languages are spoken in the Greater Antilles? Answer. Wiki User March 02, 2018 3:10AM Asked in Netherlands Is Dutch a relatively important language in Europe and the ...

Aug 02, 2017 · Papiamentu is currently the most widely spoken language on the island, and a first language for about 82% of the population. Papiamentu has been used as a medium of education in primary schools of Curaçao since 1993. Besides being an official language in Curaçao, Papiamentu is also an official language in Aruba and the Caribbean Netherlands

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Learn Dutch Online | Learnalanguage.com This language has the official status not only in Netherlands, but also in Belgium (where it is one of the three national languages). Note, that Dutch spoken in Belgium is known as the Flemish dialect and has its own peculiarities that refer to intonation, vocabulary, and pronunciation. St Maarten History, Language and Culture - World Travel Guide Dutch customs are still important throughout the former Netherlands Antilles, but tourism has brought increasing US influences and St Maarten is perhaps more easy-going than the southern islands. Dress is casual and lightweight cottons are advised, but it is common to dress up in the evening. Language in St Maarten. Dutch is the official language. Netherlands Antilles - Offshore Manual